Teen Self Esteem

Growing up as a teen in today’s world is difficult.  While they have more access to things we never could even dream of, sometimes this easy access can come with quite the burden to bare. 

Did you know that 20% of teens will experience depression before they reach adulthood?  That’s a startling stat. So what can we do, as parents to build up our teens to give them a strong foundation to start out with.

Teen Self Esteem

Here are some ways that you can help build up their self-esteem:

1.     Ask for their opinions.  When you do this, you are adding value to them.  Make sure you listen.  They may surprise you.

2.    Cultivate their interests. Maybe you wish they played the piano or stared on the Football team.  But what do they want to do?  Find it and help them achieve their own goals.

3.    Always be generous with praise and love.  You can never love your children too much.

4.    Make time to spend with them.  Spend this time not quizzing them about their life.  Allow them to lead the conversation.

5.    Tell them about your mistakes or how you deal with difficult situations.  These are lessons that they will hold on to the rest of their lives.