Summer 2022 Bucket List

What is a bucket list? Well, it’s a list of experiences you’d like to achieve in a lifetime or in this case, across the summer. We love these types of lists as it gives you a helping hand in overcoming that inevitable teen or kid boredom that often arises.

It also empowers children to make or plan their own fun! 

This summer is, however, is going to be a bit different. Many families are choosing to continue to stay home. With most of London’s museums, galleries and attractions working together on a staggered approach to reopening.

As Freedom Day, as we’re calling it, fast approaches on the 19th of July, this could all change. With some venues and activities going all in to meet anticipated demand. We predict that those who do fully open will still offer staggered admissions just like they did last year, but will ask the public to use common sense when in smaller spaces. So day trips to venues like these are going to be a bit easier than last year!

So providing home grown exciting summer fun and activities is a must!    

And that’s where our Summer Bucket List 2021 comes in! A lot of these ideas are great for getting kids outdoors, are FREE or very low cost. And have been collated with the current social distancing measures or eased measures we are expecting. So without further ado – here they are! 

1 – Go fishing or if that’s not possible, play hooking ducks in the garden with a paddling pool and one of these “hook a duck sets.”

2 – Go rock hunting or sightseeing by taking a trip to Gilberts Pit in Charlton. The geology of Gilbert’s Pit makes it a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Formerly a quarry, it was part of the Maryon Wilson family estate. Although sections of the site are not accessible to protect its geology.

3 – Go on a nature walk – Running through hundreds of parks and local open spaces. The Green Chain Walk is part of a 64-kilometre network of signposted footpaths. It offers some of the most beautiful landscapes and views in south London.

4 – Blow bubbles – All you need is water and washing up liquid. You can use your hands or even old plastic cups with the bottoms cut off to create a bubble sock.

5 – Stargaze, yes, even in London on a clear night you can spot the stars. Make it extra special with some snacks. We like the app SkyView as it allows users to point their devices to the sky and instantly identify stars, constellations, and satellites. 

6 – Build a sandcastle. No beach, No worries. One or two bags of play sand later and you’re away! To create a pit, you could use some immaculate old car tyres, which you can grab for free from any tyre garage, take a look at this fun how-to video here.

7 – Fly a kite. Yep, Blackheath has tonnes of open space for this as does Oxleas woods. Back gardens and balconies work wonders too! You can make your own here Or use a kit like this

8 – Have a picnic. Nothing says summer better than a picnic! Whether in your garden, along by the river or in any of our glorious local parks! Pimms is optional! 

There are so many great arts and crafts ideas too, including:

9 – Homemade Slime, yep not one of my personal faves or some homemade Devildough, sorry Playdough. Each to their own!  

10 – Paint Pet Rocks. And they don’t have to be animals! Here is a video how-to that my twins love to use over and over again and a book for hints and tips

11 – Make recycled crayons. Got loads of grubby broken crayons lying around? Do you have some silicone ice cube trays too? Bingo. You’re in business. 

12 – Make handprint art. All you need are willing hands paint and paper.

13 – Make suncatchers. Perfect for long sunny days and to hang in all your windows.

14 – Colour with pavement chalk. Create some cute designs outside your house or on the patio and wait till the next summer shower carries it all away. 

15Finger Paint and create something that Ruth Faison Shaw would be proud of!

16 – Make paper bag puppets. these are so much fun for Nursery and Reception children to make and even funnier for older children to use and create their own play.

17 – Make Tie-Dye Shirts. Not as hard as it sounds but kids will need adult supervision. Be prepared to have to wear some very funky “gifts” for the rest of the year though!

18 – Make paper boats. Perfect for the garden pond or the paddling pool

19 – Make a bird feeder from an old water bottle, string and birdseed and as the Autumn draws near make some birdy fat cakes like these. 

20 – Write a story and illustrate it. Making books was a firm favourite when I was a kid. All you need is imagination, a pen and paper.

21 – Make Friendship Bracelets. Kits like these are fantastic and keep kids occupied for quite some time.

There are also lots of fun outdoor activities, including:

22 – Playing at the park with friends. Arrange for your closest classmates to meet at the park for a game of football or frisbee. 

23 – Dance In The Rain. Yep, we’ve had some impressive summer rain already and if you’ve never danced in the rain. You don’t know what your missing. Then go jump in puddles!

24 – Watch the sunset at the beach or down on the Thames Path. 

25 – Collect shells from the Thames foreshore 

26 – Make Wishes on Dandelions

27 – Climb Trees – please make sure that you have permission and that kids are supervised.

28 – Plant Flowers in the garden for a late summer display Or Vegetables and herbs in window pots – extra brownie points if you can get the kids to grow them from seed!

29 – Go Cloud Watching – lay in the garden and just stare at the sky. 

30 – Bury A Time Capsule. This one is so much fun to do in your garden, and you can make it extra special by leaving a hidden note with location details under a loose floorboard in your home. Can you imagine another child, years down the line discovering the Summer of 2020 through your child’s eyes! 

Who doesn’t love an excursion in the summer?

31 – Go To the Library. Quench everyone’s book thirst and maybe take part in a readathon. 

32 – Visit some local monuments or places of historical or Architectural interest 

32 – Help mum or dad at work. With most parents still working from home, you could put the kids to work by getting them to do some basic admin tasks. Ordering receipts, filing paperwork or cleaning the office space. Even if it is your dining room table!

33 – Go Camping if you can’t or don’t want to get to a real campsite this summer. Pitch the tent in the garden.

34 – Go on a Nature Walk. Plot a route and walk the streets of Greenwich, noting down all the animals and plants you come across.

35 – Go on a bike ride. Greenwich has quite a lot to try. From short journeys to longer journeys around the borough. 

36 – Create a Mini Golfing course in your garden with an inexpensive mini gold set. If you look hard enough, you may be able to find one that not only does golf but bowling or Croquet.

Of course, Summer wouldn’t be summer without some water fun.

37 – Run Through Sprinklers, we have it on good authority that the flower garden in Greenwich Park is an excellent place for this!

48 – Water Balloon Fight and creating a Slip ‘n Slide. All you need is some tarpaulin and a hosepipe, then you’ll be battle-ready. 

39- Wash the Family Car or the neighbours… 

We also had to include some treats on this list: 

40 – Make Homemade Ice Cream – 600ml of double cream and a tin of condensed milk whizzed together in a blender. Then add your favourite coffee syrup for flavour. Freeze in a container till solid. This is divine!

41 – Eat Watermelon – Apple ‘n’ Orange Greengrocers at Blackheath Standard and on Trafalgar Rd both have impressive and delicious displays.

42 – Eat Breakfast For Dinner

43 – Make a coke float just like this

These are just some of our favourite summer games and activities  

44 – Hide And Seek

45 – Flashlight had

46 – Twister 

47 – Had with Friends

48 – Family Game Night invite your friends via zoom

49 – Bingo

50 – Capture the Flag

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