September Is Self Care Month

Did you know that September is Self-Care Month? I didn’t either. But this is a great opportunity to really take a moment and just breathe. Self-Care Month is about focusing on supporting self-care throughout communities, families and within yourself. Human beings are generally very nurturing species. We tend to give a lot of ourselves and put our own selves last. But it is just as important to check in with ourselves.

If we are not doing good, we hardly can help anyone else can we?

Here are some ideas on what you can do this month.

Make your doctor’s appointments. Maybe your someone who hasn’t seen a doctor or a dentist in years. Its just gotten to busy and its always been put on the back burner. Make these appointments and stick to them. Be proactive about your health.

Make self-care a daily routine. This can range from giving yourself a few moments to meditate or spending some extra time relaxing in the shower. Focus on one thing you can do daily to help you be your best self. You could also read, take the time to daydream on the bus rather than be glued to your phone.

Be accountable and share with others. Show others that you are partaking via social media. Not only does it help get the word out but it also helps keep you accountable too in making self-care a focus for yourself. Others will keep you honest. Maybe a few of you can come together as a support group. Use hashtags: #greenwichmums and #selfcarechallenge and show us how you’re doing!


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