Start A September Do Over

January isn’t the only time to feel like you can get a fresh start. September is just as good of a month to begin again, even if you haven’t attended school for years now.

The start of the school year gives the feel that you can try harder, be a bit different or start better habits. There is something about new school supplies that provides us with a sense that this beginning of the school year we will be a bit wiser. Personally, I really love the smell of a new notebook and the feel of a new pencil case.

September Do Over

If you are looking to turn a new leaf this September, and take the pressure off of January – here are some ideas.

Learn a new skill. Check out your community centre for new classes they may be teaching and sign up to learn something new. This can be learning how to paint to possibly a new computer skill. You can check out the online classes too. There are so many new things you can learn or expand on your existing skills. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you stop learning.

Make family time a priority. When school starts, things can get pretty busy. Set aside time every week to focus on family time. This can be as simple as family dinners or as planned as family adventure days where you can have a whole day of activity to spend with your loved ones.

Get out and about. There are plenty of charities to get involved with. Or meet ups like those that we Greenwichmums run. These events can help expand your friends and your outlook. It is always great to meet new people, and you will be surprised at how many more opportunities may come your way.

September Do Over September Do Over September Do Over