Residents Get A Bigger Win

Great news for East Greenwich residents as after a long run of local opposition to the Enderby Cruise Terminal, the site has now been bought by Criterion Capital, the owner of the famous Trocadero in Piccadilly and the Odeon Leicester Square, with new plans for a housing development at the site instead.

Enderby Wharf

Criterion Capital chief executive Asif Aziz said: “Although the cruise terminal was a profitable proposition, I agree with the local residents who have complained that it would cause significant environmental damage. Instead, in conjunction with the Royal Borough of Greenwich and through an open and constructive conversation with local residents and community groups, we shall deliver innovative low-cost housing for rental. This will be designed for those who either can’t or don’t want to buy, and will be served by excellent public transport links including the Thames Clipper.”

This is excellent news, especially if Mr Aziz keeps his promise to provide innovative low-cost housing, especially for those on the council waiting list. By their own figures, Greenwich council has a whopping 18,819* applicants categorised as Band C, waiting to be housed. Of course, how many homes and type along with any planned infrastructure like schools and GP services, have yet to be revealed.

Watch this space!

Figures from February 2019 – Royal Borough of Greenwich