PictureHouse – Big Scream/Kids Club & Toddler Time

At PictureHouse – Big Scream/Kids Club & Toddler Time, we screen films exclusively for parents with babies under one year old. Enjoy the latest releases from our regular programme accompanied by baby in a safe and comfortable environment.

So no need to find a babysitter or worry about causing a disturbance next time you want to catch up on the movies; this is also a great way to meet other new parents.

Low lights are left on in the auditorium and nappy changing facilities are available.

N.B. These screenings are for parents and babies only. No baby, no entry. All attendees are required to join the Big Scream Club with the exception of Stratford Picturehouse, London, The Cameo and The Belmont Picturehouse.


Kids’ Club

A Saturday children’s matinee of a recent hit or an old favourite, plus fun activities. Please note: parents may leave children over eight alone in screenings but should be aware that the cinema is not providing any official childcare. We do, though, take special precautions for Kids’ Club screenings to provide as safe an environment as possible for younger audiences. These include increased staffing and ensuring that customers over 18 are not permitted to the screening unless they are accompanying a child. If you leave your children in the cinema please be there on time to collect them at the end of the film.


Details are subject to change so please make sure you check with the company before using their services. Thanks!