Pickle Pie

With Pickle Pie you can create your very own personalised print – a unique gift quite literally jam-packed with love! Everything is bespoke and personalised to you and your recipient. Working hand in hand with Tracy & Sandra you create something that is truly perfect.

Tell them a little bit about someone or something special (the nice bits, the happy bits and even the slightly embarrassing bits. Then Choose a colour scheme and design (whatever you think will float their boat or match their sofa. Then wait (only a little while) while we squish and squash it all into a beautiful, personalised print and send it to you – really, really carefully. Give it to your lucky loved one and wait for the smiles/tears/laughs (delete where appropriate)

The range covers  Prints, Acrylic Blocks, Mugs & Mouse Mats and for those of us short on time they have the PA Service.  Give Pickle Pie all your family & friends birthdays, christening dates, wedding celebrations & parties for the year and the Pickle PA will then manage all of your prints as presents and make sure they are designed, packed and posted all in time for your celebration deadlines. Leaving you in less of a Pickle!

Contact Details

Email the team here!
Website: www.picklepiecreations.co.uk
Telephone: 0208 123 5144
Facebook: www.facebook.com/picklepiecreations

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