My Muppet Moments

Three days ago I looked at my husband and asked him to bring me his sippy cupwhat a muppet. To his credit, he just raised an eyebrow and handed me his water bottle silently. In my brain, I was quite clearly saying bottle. Evidently; I was not.

Since having our third child my “moments” have increased considerably. Like just before Christmas when I looked at our coffee machine and forgot how to turn it on — standing there for a least five minutes with no clue. In the end, I gave up. Panicked because I thought I’d had a bump on the head that I’d somehow missed.


I’ve put woolly gloves in the fridge and the cheese in my coat pocket. Not to mention forgetting to lock stuff and leaving £20 in the cash machine at the Co-Op on Trafalgar Road recently. For this one, I cried. Partly because I walked away for a split second and the money was gone, feeling utterly stupid for leaving it there and partly for the scumbag, who would steal from a mother and her baby. They obviously needed the cash more than I did.

My friends, mums, sage and super smart people, reassured me over a few glasses aka bottles of wine that I wasn’t about to get permanent memory loss, that the coffee machine didn’t matter and that Eau de cheese was massive for 2019.

As funny as my muppet moments are, and I can laugh at them now. At the time, they make me feel pretty weird!

So if you’re struggling a bit like me here’s ten tips I’ve found extremely useful.

1. Cook in the microwave rather than on the hob, I’ve burnt pasta and rice so many times because I’ve just floated off with a toddler and forgotten.

2. Make lists of things you have to do and keep them in the same place. I use a little flip up notebook – Inspector Jacques Clouseau style.

3. I also use sticky note reminders and put them in places where you’re sure to see them. Mirrors and back of the front door are good places.

4. Make a shopping list on paper or as a note on your phone even if there you only have three or four items on it. It will save you having to go back to the shop. You will get distracted with kids in tow.

5. Putting things you’ll need for when you go out (phone, baby bag, glasses, spare change etc.) beside your keys then you’ll remember them. With this in mind having keys on a lanyard around your neck is an excellent failsafe not to get locked out. Also makes them easy to spot if they get moved by small people.

6. Use a laptop for work? Put it by the front door in the morning or night before so you won’t forget to take it to work.

7. Got back to back meetings? Detail a list of what you want to say.

8. Put things in obvious places to remind you. For example, putting the washing basket on the floor in the middle of a room or hallway will tell you to do the laundry — Hoover by the stairs for example.

9. Not good with names? Just greet people with a big smile and Hey, how are you.

10. Be gentle and not to harsh with yourself. Laugh with your friends about your muppet moments.