Mums Night Out!

Has it been a while since you got together with just the girls? Of course, that’s a rhetorical question. For me, it’s been about 16 months since we were together as a gang! So with the new relaxation of the social distancing rules, break out the dry shampoo and slap on some lip gloss because it’s time for a Mum’s Night Out! 

I don’t need to remind anyone that nights like this are a much-needed event to unwind, de-stress, vent, and spend time with your favourite people. However, planning a Mum’s Night Out can seem like a challenge, especially when trying to make everyone happy. But it can be a breeze and drama-free if you follow these simple steps below. However, id say that given all we have been through, my pals and I would probably settle for meeting at the bus stop!   

However, if you want drama-free, then. 

1 – Take control.  Sometimes too many opinions can muddle the plans and make it more challenging to get out the door. Take hold of those reins and figure out the activity before presenting the event. See who is already on board and go from there. You’re not going to make everyone happy, and that’s okay. If it’s a fun activity, most will get on board!

2 – Choose an activity.  Sure, hitting up a restaurant and drinks is fun, but is it time to do something fun and unique. Like going to a wreaking room? Which is a great way to relieve some stress, by the way, and Lord knows we’ve all been stressed! Want something low-key? Crafts are a great way to get together. There are great businesses that run craft workshops to sip wine and paint wall art or mess with clay. You can also gather some crafting supplies and have a night in making stuff.  

I would end up making a bead bracelet saying, “Gin 4 Ever.” Friends, you’ve been warned. 

I also want to add here, no kid talk. As much as you love them, let’s not chat about them! 

Signature drink.  To make the night extra special, think of a fun and cheesy signature drink. It’s a way to always remember the night, like “Bahama Mama”. Looking for some great recipes? Check out this fun page: Mum’s Night Out Drinking Recipes. And they don’t all need to be alcoholic drinks. Some of my best nights have been gathered around a teapot. However – flirting with bar and waiting staff is mandatory. Just so you can turn to your mates and say, “I still got it.” Also, pace yourself. You’re not 21 anymore. We know it’s been a while, but you do not need those pre-drinks, shots or doubles.

Yummy grub.  Make it a dessert and appetizers-only event. Order a bunch of starters or a tray of desserts. The same applies if it’s a night in – everyone brings a dish. Mum nag. Having some food for grazing over is a must, especially if you are drinking. We all know why. Nag over.

Dress code.  Let everyone know the dress code, so no one feels out of place. Let them know if it’s dressing to the nines type of night or if it’s a PJ party night. Maybe it is a “We wear pink on Wednesdays” type of night. Whatever it is, make sure you communicate ahead of time!

Do it virtually. Not comfortable meeting face to face yet? Mum’s night out can happen virtually. Just make it a little later after the kids are in bed. There are some fun virtual activities that you can do right from the comfort of your sofa and your sweats. There are virtual painting classes, virtual card games, and you can even hire someone to teach you how to mix fun drinks! This is a great way to get together why also socially distancing!