Eye Eye The Ivy Cafe Blackheath Arrives…

Over the years we’ve seen many excellent cafes and restaurants open up in Greenwich and Blackheath. We’ve also seen many excellent cafes and restaurants, sadly close. When this happens, though there’s always a frisson of excitement about what will come next. Who will be opening their doors? Who will be tempting us in with their culinary creations? Ivy Cafe in Blackheath

This month we’ll see the opening of our very own Ivy Cafe in Blackheath. The Colourful hoardings have been up for a while now, and you’d have to have been wandering around in a daze to have missed them!

The Cafés, according to their website are located in London neighbourhoods known for their chic village-style surroundings. Other locations include (Wimbledon, St Johns Wood and Richmond) Offering accessible all-day dining in a local, relaxed and friendly environments. They aim to encourage locals and visitors, workers and shoppers alike. Being a chic style, local person myself, I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about and finally what’s hidden behind those boards! (see frisson above)


We’ve come along today to the Ivy Cafe in Blackheath with one-year-old in tow, three days after opening for lunch. For starters It’s busy, and thankfully there are a few more kids here. A couple of babes in arms and an energetic looking three-year-old whos fast moving doesn’t seem to worry any of the waiting or front of house staff.

To our right was an older married couple, who’d dropped in for tea, and like us sat for a while taking it all in. The mirrors, stained glass. Polished metals, palm style plants and prints. All styled in a mish-mash of Art Deco and Victoriana. The interior doesn’t disappoint and reminds me of a softer, more modern Rivoli bar at the Ritz Hotel, minus the bronze, adding in the brand colour green! So don’t worry about bringing the pram, the baby or the toddler you’ll be welcome. Ivy Cafe in Blackheath

And on the subject of staff, there are loads, moving around like little ants on a very, well oiled waiting machine. Polite, professional and warm welcoming, taking coats and grabbing high chairs, pushing the pram and pouring the wine! Impressed by our welcome and surroundings, we dived straight to the menus. Note there is not a children’s menu, they will take an adult dish and make up a small person plate for you. The boy had already eaten, although he made short work of sharing my Shepards Pie. Greenwichdads steak was just as he liked it and there wasn’t a limp carrot in sight. Just as you’d expect from the experienced Ivy Collection brand and team.

We did enjoy lunch, and there seemed to be no opening jitters or teething problems – if there was, they were dealt with very quickly. And most importantly out of sight. Food is well prepared and offered on a variety of menus including a fixed two and 3-course available until 6.30pm, Mon-Friday. Making this an ideal place for any occasion and most importantly budget. Except you get the additional high levels of service and surroundings as standard!

On first glance, I wasn’t sure if this was a place you’ll want to do coffee at after the school drop off. But….and here’s the but. As locals, it’s what we make it. You may be able to see the white starched tables from the windows and curated interior and think its a bit stuffy for a Tuesday latte and muffin. But actually, it’s not. And at £8.75 for a cream tea, I suggest its well worth popping in to see for yourselves.


Downsides – we found is there is no private dining room; larger groups can be seated together on a table of about 12-14 max. And unless you’re a rowdy bunch – you’ll be ok, The bar area does feel like it’s in the room and when busy has very little divide to the main restaurant making it feel a bit cramped.

At busier times you’ll also struggle just to walk in and is somewhere that you have to book for. So for special occasions, do think ahead – give it time though, and this will change especially as the Cafe adapts to the ebb and flow of the heath and its residents.

The Ivy Cafe is a great addition to the local area that we can’t wait to return.


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