How To Build Confidence In Your Child

Here at LEYF, we think it’s super important for little ones to have a sense of confidence and self-worth.

confidence in your child

Having confidence can help your child socialise and enjoy themselves with others, and you should find it has a positive impact on their overall development and happiness. With this in mind, we wanted to give you a few tips on building your child’s confidence.

    1. Give them attention!

So this is probably an easy one, we’re sure your little one(s) is your pride and joy and you can’t get enough of them. But the more attention your child receives, the better they’ll feel about themselves. With the pressures of juggling work, family and modern life we can often find time slipping away from us, so try setting aside a regular slot for quality time with your little one – maybe it’s bath time at 6pm every night, or 7pm story time.

    1. Play to their strengths

Does your child love painting? Or maybe they have a real interest in the sport? Whatever their thing, make sure to encourage them! Take an interest in their current favourite hobby by having a go with them, asking them questions and telling them how great they are at it. When they’re a little older you can look at local clubs and groups they can join. Encouraging your little one to pursue their interests can have a great effect on their confidence and self-worth.

    1. Performance

Another great way to boost their confidence is to encourage them to show off! (We’re sure there are lots of parents out there who’s little ones need no help in this department). Does your little Picasso want to set up an art exhibition in the living room? Your future west end star want to perform a musical in the garden? Whatever your child is interested in, encouraging them to show it off (to rapturous applause of course) can really improve their confidence.

    1. Group Activities

It’s obviously important for your child to be socially active. Nursery is a great way for children to meet each other, and it’s a good idea to organise play dates with friends or take them to playgroups/activities in order to help them build up confidence and get used to interacting with others.

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