HelloFresh Goodbye Mealtime Boredom

HelloFresh Goodbye Mealtime Boredom

Back in October last year GreenwichDad set me a challenge – to start meal planning. I’m awful at running a house and freely admit my husband makes for a better housewife than me. Our midweek meals were boring, self-assembled and not that healthy. To top it off every week we’d be throwing away food, and the waste and cash were piling up.

I’m a busy, working mum of three, staring into the fridge after a long day and trying to figure out what to cook was causing a headache.

What I wanted was the ability to plan our meals and have options of linking to an online shopping list and be able to pick and choose menus every week so I knew what I was cooking, spending and obviously not wasting.


I spent about 3 days looking at Apps, websites, blogs until I came across HelloFresh. Well, I say I came across, it was fate really as a discount code fell out of the Sunday Papers. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for as I’d never considered a food box subscription before. But my offer code was juicy, and I had a problem I needed solving, so I gave it a go.

But what is a meal box subscription service….

Well, there are several operating in the UK. Actually, there are seven big ones if you also Include Graze the snack pack people. Some supermarkets also have a service, like Waitrose, they are

Abel & Co – Price: About £6.50 per meal

HelloFresh – Price: About £5.00 per meal

Mindful Chef – Price: About £7.00 per meal

Gousto – Price: About £5.00 per meal

Riverford – Price: About £13.00 per meal

SimplyCook – Price: About £2.25 per meal

Graze – Price: About £4.50 per pox

Now at first glance they look and sound expensive, however when you consider your average Deliveroo/UberEats takeaway order is around £35 which is the same cost as a meal box for four days, it actually starts to make financial sense.   Every week a box arrives with your meal kits, some are just spice packs that need you to add extra items, others contain everything you need. You can tailor your box for dietary requirements, and even by cook & prep time.

Every four weeks, when reminded, I access the app and choose all our evening meals. Pretty simple really.

I’m now back in the kitchen actually cooking balanced and tasty food. My box arrives with the recipes I’ve chosen with every, ingredient portioned out correctly with the corresponding recipe cards. We have a rapid box which means everything is ready in 20 mins. We now have no more waste, and we’ve gone from spending around £150 per week to about £80 – £100 which includes our box and additional shopping for a family of five for the rest of the week. I’ve also lost a bit of weight, as the takeouts are down and I feel healthy.

Both GreenwichDad and I were sceptical, but it really works for us.

If you want to give Hellofresh a go click here and get £20 off your first box, you can cancel at any time, and there are no contracts.

We’ve not tried any of the others and id be interested to hear your thoughts if you have.

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