Greenwich’s Sensory Melody for Young Minds

Music tops the charts when offering our children experiences that nurture their development. It has a wonderful ability to unite, teach, and thrill. So, when hunting for a local activity that does all this and more, Boppin’ Bunnies is your answer.

Why We Adore Boppin’ Bunnies:

Based in our Greenwich and lovingly crafted by local musicians, Boppin’ Bunnies isn’t just another kids’ class. It’s a full-blown musical adventure that lasts for 35 euphonic minutes. 

Each class features unique Boppin’ Bunnies tracks and live musical performances from their musicians.

With instruments ranging from the soulful saxophone to the peppy trumpet, these aren’t mere sessions but lively concerts. But don’t be an audience; be a part of the ensemble! Parents, siblings, babies, and toddlers – everyone grabs an instrument. It’s collective, connected, and completely delightful.

Parents Chirp In

This is honestly Mila’s (and our) favourite activity! – Kathryn

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for having Elizabth in your Boppin’ Bunnies music class for the past one and a half years. We are truly pleased to see a variety of musical instruments that are introduced to her and she is now keen to follow in her sister’s footsteps in learning to play the violin. We proudly own a copy of the Boppin’ Bunnies CD so we will certainly be doing lots of singing and dancing/stomping/ Marching whenever we can. – Tom

I just wanted to thank you all at Boppin Bunnies for the best time. I’ve been bringing Amber since she was 8 months old, its been great to see her grow loving music and the Instruments. – Rachel

We have loved every minute, the class is the highlight of the week for both of us. The classes are a great mix of musical activities and songs which means they are always fun and different every week. We’ve tried lots of classes and this is by far our favourite! – Kady

Boppin’ Bunnies: More Than Just Melodies

The beauty of Boppin’ Bunnies is its heart and soul – live music. In a digital age, this tactile, real-time musical experience is priceless. The melodies, the instruments, and the communal vibe give children a front-row seat to the world of music.

The vast instrument palette paints a varied auditory picture, nurturing a child’s love for different music genres. It’s a musical fiesta every week, from the chirpy kazoo to the serene Celtic harp.

And don’t consider this just a children’s affair. The spirit of Boppin’ Bunnies is all-inclusive. Parents, older siblings, everyone pitches in, making every class a family jam session.

However, it’s not just musical euphoria. It’s an experience steeped in developmental benefits. As those tiny fingers strum or tap, they’re learning coordination, enhancing cognitive abilities, and honing motor skills.

Greenwich Heartbeat

Boppin’ Bunnies is more than just a music class; it’s a testament to the Greenwich spirit. Founded by musicians from our community, it’s a celebration of local talent, vibrancy, and unity. Boppin’ Bunnies isn’t just about learning music; it’s about living it. With its heady mix of live performances, immersive sessions, and developmental benefits, it’s a class apart. For families in Greenwich, it’s an opportunity to bond, grow, and groove together. So, if you want your child’s memories to be set to a joyful tune, hop over to Boppin’ Bunnies.

Locations of Boppin’ Bunnies in Greenwich:

  • Shooters Hill at Shrewsbury House every Monday. Details Here.
  • Blackheath in Boys Brigade Hall, Reynolds Place, on Tuesdays. More Info.
  • Eltham sessions at Christchurch Priory are a Friday feature. Find Out More.
  • And let’s not forget Greenwich at Edtya Childcare on Saturdays. Hop Over Here.

Here’s their complete timetable for the eager bunnies wanting to explore the full musical garden.