Goodness Goodies

Goodness Goodies is an online sweet shop with the aim to make life a little bit sweeter for people with allergies, vegetarians and vegans.

We stock a range of organic products including:
• Allergy friendly treats
• Dairy free chocolate
• Gelatine free sweets and jellies
• Vegetarian and vegan chocolate, sweets and jellies
• Gluten and dairy free brownies.

At Goodness Goodies we want to ensure that people with restricted diets have easy access to treats, sweets and chocolate

Opening times

As an Online retailer we are available 24 hours. For queries/emails answered 10am to 9pm


Contact details

Tel: 020 8699 5707
Email the team here!

We Say…

If you have a child with allergies or you may even be a veggie or a vegan then Goodness Goodies should be your first stop in finding all those treats that “other people” can have, except now you can have them as well! From dairy free chocolate to lollipops that are glucose, gelatine and lactose free. Choice is endless. Goodness Goodies has a clear easy to use website that stocks great brands! Not strictly Greenwich but South East London based.



Details are subject to change so please make sure you check with the company before using their services. Thanks!