First Day Jitters for Parents

First Day Jitters

It’s the first day of school for your child and you may be surprised to find that you may be (if not more) than a little nervous. It is almost like it is your first day of school. But you are not alone hundreds of parents up and down the country are having the same first-day jitters right now as you read.

Many many parents experience this. This may be the first time your child heads off to school and you may be nervous about how they are going to do. Or this may be their 3rd year with a new teacher and you know how hard transition is for your child. Here are some tips to help you manage those school jitters to ensure your family’s school year gets a successful start. Take a look at our top tips below. First Day Jitters First Day Jitters First Day Jitters

first day jitters

Keep your concerns to yourself. Kids can read you very well and if you are nervous, they are going to feel even more nervous. Be positive and confident for them.

Prep the night before. Make sure all the backpacks are packed and lunches are ready to go. The more prepared you are, the less you have to be frazzled about.

Meetup with school buddies before school starts. Do a casual playdate at the school playground before school starts. This helps kids get acclimated to their new play space and they get to see a familiar face when school starts.

Do something for you. It’s normal to get teary eyed. That first day can be rough and even parent need a little TLC. Choose something to do that is fun and relaxing to get your mind off of wondering how they are doing.

And if you’ve still not wrapped your head around a uniform or you have a nagging doubt you’ve missed something take a look at our checklist here