blisskiBlissKi is a unique therapy centre specialising in Energy Healing Treatments, Massage, Oriental Medicine and Counselling. We are a small, friendly and professional local business. Our ethos is that the Key to enriching your life is by working on the mind body and spirit to restore harmony and balance.

Opening times

Appointments available
Monday to Friday 10 am – 9 pm
Saturday 10 am – 6 pm
Phone Line open
Monday to Friday 10 am – 5.30 pm
please email us outside these hours.

Address details

123a Charlton Road

We Say…

February did not start well for me. Too many days out in the cold and lots of unrelated stress left me in a bit of a state . I was out of sorts and in need of something. Although I wasn’t sure what that something was. Until I arrived late, wet and seriously harassed at the BlissKi Centre in Charlton.

Bathed in soft, dim, relaxing light and smelling pretty good too – Michelle welcomed me and put me at ease almost immediately.
In all honestly I did not know what to expect from my Reiki session, Im not a sceptic, far from it id just never thought it was for me.
After a full consultation and heath questionnaire Michelle listened got to work.

Fully dressed and wrapped in a warm blanket Michelle, first analysed my physical and emotional state and began to unblock energy and revitalise my different chakras. I experienced heat with tingling limbs not unlike mild pins and needles and heaviness like after a heavy workout – but in a good way. So relaxed, I think I may have gone to sleep at one point! Michelle worked on different areas all over my body and I could feel the stress draining away.

I left the centre so surprised and very relaxed, I just never thought Reiki was for me, armed with good general health tips and a prescription for fun! . Michelle was also able to tell me things about my existing health both physical and emotional, that she had no way of knowing that only her hands on healing could have told her. I felt like i’d had a treatment and that something was different but i wasn’t sure how.

A month on I’m still relaxed and feeling pretty good – Ive taken up running again with a few Yoga poses here and there and I put this down to my session. Im not so grumpy in the morning – although I still hate mornings. For me a trip to Blisski is going to be a 12 weekly treat. You may find you need more than this or even less. however I definitely recommend that you give it a try! Michelle has changed my view completely.


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