25 Exercise Games

So maybe the novelty and enthusiasm of Joe Wicks’s morning PE sessions is waning a bit. Getting them off the sofa or their beds is becoming a chore? Then tempt them into action with these 25 physical games that will get the blood pumping! 

Exercise Games

Most you can do in your lounge or garden and some even on a balcony! We promise everyone will be either laughing or too tired to do anything else!

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1. The Parachute: This age-old fave can be created at home with sheets or blankets. Everyone takes an end of the “parachute” fanning it upward while one of you runs underneath back and forth, making sure to not get caught as it comes down!. 

2. Hallway bowling: Fill up old water bottles or anything else you have to hand – Grab a ball and strike!

3. Bubble wrap attack: If you’ve got bubble wrap from old packaging, jump on it until it’s all popped and gone.

4. Clean-up race: In our house, we put on a song to see who clean and tidy the room the fastest. Bonus points if they make it a team effort.

5. Tickle It: Chase your kids then when you catch them. Tickle.

6. Temper tantrum: I did this once in Sainsbury’s when the twins were small to stop them crying. It was exhausting. So have a fit for the fun of it. Scream. Stamp, roll around the floor. Youll all feel better.

7- Headstands: One for your core and for getting the blood to the brain. 

Especially if you’ve hit your afternoon wall.

8. Skipping: If you have downstairs neighbours, may want to let them know or go to the hall or into your garden.  

9. Obstacle course: Create a krypton factor style course in your flat or house using outside space if you have it. Adding in those mental challenges and a General knowledge round of questions to finish.

10. Wheelbarrow races: there’s a reason why as adults we don’t do this more often – it’s hard! (workout alert)

11. Animal races: When was the last time you hopped like a rabbit or frog or waddled like a duck.

12. Hopscotch: Use chalk for outside and washi/masking tape for inside.

13 Pillow fight: No explanation needed for this one. 

14. Sock skating: Move the furniture and watch out for splinters! This is excellent if you have laminate flooring as the skating will be so much fun.

15. Bubble smashing: Grab the fairy liquid and blow bubbles, then let your kids smash them with their hands.

16. Balloon ball: keep it off the ground, play catch. Or mix it up with balloon tennis!

17. Carnival: Set up games such as “Knock Down Cans” (we used Tupperware). Or Play Water Pistols at dawn, firing into cups.

18. Pushover parents: Every kid’s dream, stand tall and see if the kids can budge you over. If you move, then they win. Make it easier for the smaller ones and stand on one foot. 

19. Follow the leader: Adding to the workout with energetic movements such as fast dancing, jumping jacks and running on the spot.

20. Popcorn pushups: Put a small plate or bowl of popcorn on the floor for each person playing along. Lower yourself down then stick out your tongue to get a piece of popcorn with each go

21. Dance party: Turn on the music, make it loud, and dance like you’ve never danced before.

22. Musical statues: When the music stops, freeze and hold it until the music starts again. The last person standing is the winner!

23. Treasure hunt: Make up your clues and hide them around the flat, house and or garden – then race to find them all and the treasure that’s hidden at the end.

24. Star jumps: Simple and great for coordination and getting your heart pumping. 

25. Wrestling: Put down a mat, then show them your best Stone Cold Steve Austin face.  

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