Worlds Oceans Day In Greenwich

Ever walk up to the ocean, stare at the blue vastness and listen to the waves rolling in and suddenly a sense of calm washes over you?  New research has shown that just seeing an ocean greatly reduces a person’s stresses and anxieties.  I don’t wake to the ocean, but I am lucky enough to watch the sun come up every day on the Thames. Winding west to the Shard and eastwards to the O2. In the evenings I can relax hearing the water on the riverbank.

June 8th is Worlds Oceans Day.  The purpose, to bring awareness of the major role that our oceans have to the Earth and to us humans.  They contribute a significant source of food, provide medicines and are a critical participant of our biosphere. 

How are you going to celebrate Worlds Ocean Day?

Celebrate with the National Maritime Museum (NMM) with a family festival designed to raise awareness of the ocean, connect people worldwide and inspire continuing action year-round to protect and restore our oceans.

The day-long festival is packed with family-friendly workshops, and talks from artists and academics as well as art installations and performances, (singing mermaid) encouraging and inspiring visitors to join together to help protect and conserve the world’s shared ocean.

Celebrations will culminate in a World Oceans Day Parade led by performance artists and supported by visitors bearing placards with their own personal pledges to help save the ocean.

The variety of events on offer at the NMM during World Oceans Day aims to encourage visitors to act as caretakers of the sea, allowing participants of all ages to discover the wealth of diverse and beautiful ocean creatures and habitats, how our daily actions affect them, and how we are all interconnected.

For more information on the World Oceans Day 2019, at NMM you can visit here – Although our top four picks of the day include the following. They are all free entry, suitable for all ages.

Reviving Coral Reefs: Recycling Materials
Create a giant coral reef out of recycled materials. Find out how vital our coral reefs are and how we can stop them disappearing. Located in the Propeller space with two times 11 am – 1 pm and again at 2 pm – 4 pm.

Outrigger Canoes Workshop
Both adults and children will be able to try Kayak paddling training machines provided by Outrigger Canoes UK. Visitors can drop in and learn about Polynesian calls for paddling in a virtual canoe. Located on the lawn facing Greenwich Park at 10 am – 4 pm.

World Oceans Day Parade
Join Anna Kompaniets and her troupe’s procession from the Great Map, through the National Maritime Museum, and out to Greenwich Park. Visitors will be encouraged to present banners, placards and slogans made in the World Oceans Day Slogan Workshop. Located on the Great Map at 3 pm.

Seascape workshop
Join us to create a stunning ocean-scape inspired by the National Maritime Museum’s collection using plastic-free hand printing. Located o the Great Map 10 am – 4 pm.

Whatever you do enjoy and don’t forget to hashtag us at #greenwichmums with your photos of your day and creations.

Maybe we’ll see you there!