Who Wants Better Sleep?

Did you know March it’s National Bed Month? I didn’t! so I’m planning on taking full advantage this weekend with a lie- in this Sunday as its Mothering Sunday (hint hint).

And I know you do…

Organised by The Sleep Council, the aim is to remind us why a good night’s sleep is good for our health.

A good nights sleep has fantastic properties that make you healthier and happier and can even add years to your life! And as a parent of three kids, I think I would have grabbed my duvet over a winning lottery ticket any day of the week and twice on Sundays, especially in those early days! (sleepless nights)

Over on the Sleep Council website, you can find out all about the essentials for a perfect nights sleep, and of course, the right bed should be your number one priority.

Back in 1988, when I was snuggling under my Bros duvet cover. A groundbreaking study found that switching from an uncomfortable lumpy old bed to a lovely well sprung new one meant an extra 42 minutes of sleep!

The good news is, you can put your own bed through an MOT at the Sleep Council website!

Something that shouldn’t be overlooked is, as crazy as it sounds is socks!
What? Yep socks. I always sleep better in socks, and no, they don’t have to be fancy-schmancy cashmere efforts either! Greenwichdad thought I was a crazy lady. Then a flurry of studies and articles appeared in the press earlier this year backing me up.

So here’s to a better nights sleep, a lie-in on Mothers Day and some fancy-schmancy new socks! (blue ones, please)

Do you sleep better in socks? hit us up on the socials showing us your bedsocks with #greenwichmums – funkiest socks will win a prize!