Exclusive: Johnny and Inel’s Kids Club comes to Greenwich!

Johnny and Inel’s Kids ClubEvery Saturday the stars of CBBC’s The Johnny & Inel Show, All Over the Place and Dog Ate My Homework will be taking over at Up The Creek Comedy Club.

Each week Johnny & Inel will present a jam-packed show featuring kid-friendly stand up comedy from the best names, plus high energy games. We nabbed the lads for an exclusive Q&A to find out more about the show and what exactly makes this laugh a minute duo tick!   A big thank you to our roving comedy reporters Gabriel, Raffa, Scarlett, Freddy, Owen and George for their excellent off the wall questions!

Parents: Johnny and Inel’s Kids Club is especially for ages 5-11yrs old (Parents must also accompany) Doors at 12 pm with Show from 12.30-2pm. Start this weekend –  31st March!

Tickets £10 for one Adult and Child and £3 per additional adult 

Johnny and Inel’s Kids Club

Q&A’S lub

You’re a new addition to the crayon tub. What colour would you be and why?

JOHNNY: Green because it’s my favourite colour! INEL: Yellow, as it can be used for sooo many things including the sun, the biggest energy source known to man.

 Johnny and Inel’s Kids Club
Who would win in a fight between Wasteman and Omar Daze?
JOHNNY: Wasteman as we eventually got to see on our show. With a little help from Bear Nan of course!
INEL: If it was one on one, I reckon Omar Daze would win it with his hypnotic powers. Wasteman is nothing without his incredibly strong and brave sidekick, Bearman.
School Uniform or no School Uniform?
JOHNNY: No school uniform, just joggers and trainers was the best!
INEL: No school uniform every time. It gives students a chance to showcase their personality in their dress sense… Unless you were like me and constantly got hand me downs from my brother and cousins.
Who does the best farts?
JOHNNY: Probably Inel, I think he must eat beans for every meal! INEL: No doubt that’s Johnny, he loves eating spicy curries ??
 Johnny and Inel’s Kids Clubb 
Best excuse for not doing homework you’ve ever given or heard?
JOHNNY: My hamster ate my homework! I’ve heard of the dog ate my homework but how big is your hamster!?

INEL: A kid in my class once left his backpack on the bus as he didn’t finish his homework. To his dismay, however, his tutor called the bus depot to find out if they had found his backpack and they did. He got back the backpack same day and still hadn’t finished the homework!

 Marmite or Marmalade?
JOHNNY: Don’t really like either but would prefer marmalade if I was forced. INEL: Marmalade every time
What do you wanna be when you grow up?
JOHNNY: An adult. INEL: I am grown up… I think. But I always wanted to be an actor as a kid. I think I can tick that off, right?
Who is the funniest – Jonny or Inel? 
JOHNNY: Johnny of course! ? INEL: Clearly it’s me… Inel
  Johnny and Inel’s Kids Club
Best bit of advice you’d give your 11-year-old self.
JOHNNY: To relax and have fun and explore. And enjoy Arsenal winning league titles, it won’t go on forever! INEL: To stop worrying about what people think and to enjoy growing up. The school years are so carefree so definitely to enjoy it more.

Why should we join your new Kids club at Up The Creek – Sell it to us!

JOHNNY: I think our kid’s club will be a cool new place for kids to come and enjoy themselves. We encourage the kids to get involved with activities as well as being able to laugh at the great comedians so there’s something for everybody.

INEL: Because it’s one of the only places where kids can attend a grown-up event catered specifically for them. This isn’t clowns making balloon animals or pantomime, this is real adult stand up comedians telling incredibly funny jokes for kids. It would be a great talking point in the playground too! Johnny and Inel’s Kids Club