Curious New Builds In Sutcliffe Park

As part of IKEA Greenwich’s launch, IKEA has partnered with London-based designers, such as Hattie Newman, Adam Furman and Supermundane to create special IKEA Greenwich wildlife homes.

Ikea Greenwich wildlife

The beautifully bright homes will house local wildlife such as bats, bees, birds and insects and have been built using nothing but recycled IKEA furniture! Items such as chairs, kitchen worktops and the odd table have been upcycled from the store’s re-use and recycle area and have been transformed into liveable spaces for the wildlife. Iain Talbot’s bug hotel was even built using the iconic blue and yellow cladding!

These unique sculptures have been crafted together by the likes of Supermundane and Hattie Newman and have now been donated to Sutcliffe Park, where they now proudly stand as homes for the local wildlife.

You’ll be able to spot these animal apartments.’ on your next trip to the park –  they’re not difficult to miss!

IKEA Greenwich has donated the ‘Wild Homes’ to Sutcliffe Park in Greenwich, the community team will lovingly manage and maintain them for the long-term.

Nature enthusiasts who wish to spot local wildlife in their new homes can download an online map here and follow the nature trail.

Ikea Greenwich wildlife Ikea Greenwich wildlife Ikea Greenwich wildlifeIkea Greenwich wildlife