Celebrate Harvest Festival

This year Harvest Festival falls on September 23rd. Traditionally It was a time to celebrate all that God had provided for that year. It is a worldwide celebration of all the fantastic food that has grown on the land and is one of the oldest traditions we have.

harvest festival

And you don’t have to be religious either. There are many ways to celebrate this time of year but here are just a few:

Cook. Is there a better way to celebrate a harvest festival than cooking with the items that have been harvested? Make a pumpkin pie or learn how to make apple tarts. Invite everyone over to taste your yummy treat.

Take outdoor photos. Autumn is a colourful season. It is a great opportunity get someone beautiful photos. Think crisp sky blues and the hot yellows and oranges of the trees. Plus leaves set the perfect background for a fun photo shoot kids.

Go on a hayride. Another fun way to take in all of nature is going on a fun hayride. Grab a warm drink and cosy up next to your loved ones. Or play in a corn maze and grab the last of the Pick Your Own.

Check out the following local to Greenwich Farms for their Autumn events.

Woodlands Farm – Shooters Hill
Woodlands Farm was created from the dense forest called Bushy Lees Wood. The farm was originally 122 acres. Now Woodlands Farm is a unique city farm as its size of 36ha which is around the size of 50 football fields, allows it to be run as a traditional working farm. We use our fields to produce lamb, pork and beef as well as hay.

Stanhill Farm – Dartford
Stanhill Farm’s 150 acres are managed by brothers Toby and Max Williams and are ideally located just 17 miles from the centre of London, making it one of the capitals most local farms.

Hewitts Farm – Orpington
Hewitts Farm is a family run business set in 78 acres, just outside of Orpington Kent. They grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for ‘Pick Your Own.’