20% off tickets for Bring Your Own Baby Comedy Greenwich

It’s the newest show in town! Bring Your Own Baby Comedy is a funny, friendly afternoon of top comedy and… you can bring your baby!

Bring Your Own Baby Comedy is coming to Greenwich! We will be at the fantastic Up The Creek Comedy Club, 302 Creek Rd, London SE10 9SW, in the heart of beautiful Greenwich, on the last Monday of every month starting on 26th September.

We are offering all members of Greenwichmums 20% off all tickets!

Bring Your Own Baby Comedy

For additional information please visit our website: http://www.byobcomedy.com/bring-your-own-baby-greenwich

Bring Your Own Baby Comedy is an afternoon treat for everyone aged 16 or over, and 12 months and under! Featuring the funniest comedy stars on the circuit and hosted at hand-picked venues across South East London and Kent.

Relax, have a glass of wine, and enjoy the entertainment …without paying for childcare! If you need to whip out a bare bottom (the baby’s, please), or a boob, or a bottle please feel free! And our comics won’t mind being heckled by our younger guests!*

You don’t need to bring a baby! If your children are at school, or if you happen to be free on a weekday afternoon, we would love to entertain you!

* Please note : our brilliant comics will be performing their usual adult material, which is why we have a 12 month age limit for our younger guests!


  1. GreenwichMum says:

    BYOB comedy offers you some welcome salvation. Especially if you are finding things tough and the life you expected with your newborn looks nothing like a Hollywood blockbuster.

    BYOB is the brainchild of Character comic Alyssa Kyria and comedienne Carly Smallman. The BYOB opening in September saw a packed out venue, full of mums (and a few dads) who were able to laugh at themselves and others. Drink some wine if they wanted and not worry about the vomit in their hair. Babies gurgled, feed, slept and cried, all while parents like you and I rediscovered and discovered a sense of humour and the Essential Waitrose range. (thanks, Carly!)

    So if you have a child under 12 months or any kids for that matter, you should add these dates to your diary now. Better still they should be prescribed by the heath visitor/midwife to get you through those “holy crap, what have I done moments!” It was incredibly refreshing to laugh and look around the room and know that motherhood had not warped my sense of humour forever.

    It’s true, laughter is good for the soul and BYOB has it in buckets!

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