The Best Educational & Fun Apps for Kids

Many parents have a love and hate relationship with technology when it comes to our kids.

We love it because it can keep them occupied and quiet for hours on end. Sometimes parents just need a break. But we hate it because it takes forever to get them off of it and it can be quite addictive to them. My kids have always got their mitts on any device they find.

best apps for kids

But regardless, it is great to have for moments such as long waits at the GP’s or when we are working on a project that we just can’t be interrupted on.

So, if our children use this technology, we might as well make sure that they are using apps that are educational and engaging. Right? Not only is it a fun way for them to learn but they are genuinely excited about playing the games.

Here is our list of the best educational apps for kids currently around:

1. Artie’s Magic Pencil (£2.99) By Minilab Ltd
This app teaches the basics of drawing to 3-6-year-olds in a fun and encouraging way. Some kids don’t get lots of Art time at school, and this app is great if you have a creative kid.

2. Jungle Time (£1.99) By Andrew Short. Teaching kids to tell the time is great. Having the time? That’s where this app comes to the rescue with both 12hour and 24-hour clock settings

3. Squeebles Times Tables (£1.49) By KeyStageFun
Starting to sound like a broken record?? Sick of repeating tables over and over, then get the Squeebles to help motivate your kids to learn their tables.

4. YouTube Kids (Free) By Google, Inc.
Says what it does on the tin. This is one of the best apps for kids full stop. Putting all those educational (and fun) videos through an age-appropriate filter making it safer and great for younger Kids.

5. The Human Body (£1.99) By Tinybop
Doctor in the house? Or a child with lots of ‘why’ questions? Then this is the app for them.

2- Endless Wordplay (Free + IAP) By Originator Inc.
Brilliant as literacy support, but hiding some smart maths too. Think rhyming word puzzles with animations that will keep the giggles flowing.

5. Cursive Writing Wizard (£4.99) By L’Escapadou
With a cursive font, which is perfect for young primary children their letter formation. It’s based on the tracing system. you get progress reports and can add their spelling lists.

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