About Grant Saw

Grant Saw is a leading firm of solicitors based in South East London. We provide a range of legal services for individuals and businesses including conveyancing, wills and probate, contesting wills, powers of attorney, commercial leases, disputes, divorce and separation and employment services.

Do I need a Will? by Laura Bailey

For the majority of people, the answer is yes. When someone dies without a Will, it can have all sorts of consequences. Importantly, it means that your estate will be distributed according to the intestacy rules. These rules specify who benefits from … [Read more...]

Do we need to bother with a solicitor?

If your marriage has broken down and you have both agreed on divorce and how to sort out the finances - you may be asking yourselves - do we need to bother with a solicitor? Here is my answer. It is understandable why some people want to finalise a … [Read more...]