5 Local Nights Out With The Family

Taking your family out for an evening or afternoon of fun can be exciting and something all parents want to do as often as they can. But, going out costs money and more often than not, costs more than your average family can afford. So, consider these five cheap nights out. You can enjoy family bonding while saving money.

family fun


Cheap Family Night #1 Local Sports Game

Many kids love sports so consider a family night out, or afternoon at a local sports game, Entrance can be inexpensive, and it can be a lot of fun to watch people playing a sport. Kids can often get in for a £1 (Charlton FC) and at Blackheath Rugby Club Kids under 16 go free.

Cheap Family Night #2 Pizza

Another great night out can be sharing a family size pizza. Not only will you have a great meal but it is also inexpensive. Pizza Hut at Greenwich Peninsula always run great family deals

Cheap Family Night #3 The Movies

I know you think the movies can be expensive and there is no way you can afford to go. Factor in the tickets, maybe dinner and then the movie snacks a family of 4 could quite easily spend £70-£100. However, frequently during the week cinemas offer specials, family-specific deals. Taking the family to the movies on a weekday as opposed to weekend, you can save money. Also, consider popping the popcorn at home and carrying it with you in your bag. The same goes for the giant bags of sweets that cost an arm and a leg. That way you can enjoy movie snacks without spending a small fortune.

Cheap Family Night #4 Bowling

Bowling is a great, fun family activity, and like the movies, many alleys offer specials on the weekdays, especially for the little ones. So, have a slap up dinner at home and then head to the bowling alley. Of course, call ahead and find out when your local bowling alley offers specials for families and children. Our local bowling alleys are at Surrey Quays and the 02, and you can find details here

Cheap Family Night #5 Park and Ice Cream

All kids love the swing park, and since the park is free it’s a great place to go! We have some great parks here in the Borough of Greenwich. Wide open spaces and great playgrounds. The kids will love playing on the monkey bars, roundabout, and swings while you can enjoy the fresh air. Then, you can head to your local ice cream parlour and have a cone of your favourite flavour or buy a big tub of ice cream to enjoy at home. Ice Cream aficionados will be pleased to hear that Kaspas Ice Cream is opening in Bexleyheath, Blackheath, Greenwich, and Woolwich.