5 Great Ways To Enrich Your Children’s Moral Conscience Today

Children are the living embodiment of curiosity. Naturally gifted with intuition, and open to everything they find and eager to learn. moral-conscience moral conscience

As parents, we want to raise good humans and need to help our children develop their consciences so that through their daily experiences, theyíll learn about self-esteem and moral values.

moral conscience

We love to tell our kids to “do the right thing,” but a lot of the time, kids just don’t have a clue about what the right thing is. “Always tell the truth,” sounds like a good start, but what about when it clashes with “always keep your word,” when faced with a teen who’s promised to keep a secret for a friend. Which “right” trumps in that case?

How do we provide them with enough courage and values to move from kids to adolescent, to an adult if there aren’t any bears? The answer – moral courage.

Here are five ways you can enrich your child’s conscience every day:

1 – Set a good example. What you say and do each day reflects what you think about the world around you. If you say good stuff, your children will do the same. Children are great imitators. It’s essential for you to say and do good things anytime, anywhere. Truth, responsibility, respect, compassion, and fairness are all intrinsic values that kids will understand.

2 – Listen when they talk. Sometimes children can ask questions that sound really silly to adults, like “mum, where does the moon sleep when the day comes?” Listen to them and answer sincerely and truthfully, the moon doesn’t sleep. It lights up the dark in other places around the world! By listening, our children will feel respected by their parents and other family members.

3 – Show happiness and compassion. Show and share the joy and positive thoughts with your children. If you’re happy, they are happy. By doing so, the children will learn that life is enjoyable. moral conscience

4 – Introduce them to nature all around. Explain that all things in the world are connected to each other and that there’s a reason for it. An example of this is that water is needed to irrigate plants and plants are the food source for other living creatures. Take them out into the garden or get them to grow a bulb and give them the responsibility of caring for a plant. moral conscience

5 – Be flexible with your rules. Children should be informed about what they should do. However, always take notice on their development. There will be a time when they can decide what they want to do. By being flexible and fair with your rules, children will stay cheerful and expressive.

These 5 tips are actually straightforward and easy to implement every day. Again, remember that children are great imitators. Once you do or say something, good or bad, there’s a high chance that they will do or say the same. moral conscience

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