Zombie On Out

Board up your homes and get your axes sharpened, it is Zombie Awareness Month.  This month is recognized for all thing’s zombie related. 

So here are some fun zombie facts:  Did you know that there is a law in Haiti that makes it a crime to come back as a zombie? I do wonder how many zombies they have sitting in jail currently? 

According to zombie lore, they can only be killed by damaging their brain.  So always aim for the head.  And while it is currently Zombie Awareness Month, Zombie Day falls on October 8th

Zombie Awareness Month.

For us parents, it can feel like we are walking around like the undead.  No sleep and lack of shower opportunities can do that too you. 

Here are 5 tips to feel a bit more alive

1 – Take a Social Media break and take the opportunity to meditate or read instead – Its very easy for your phone to turn into a third hand!

2 – Ask for help – If someone can help watch your little ones, even for an hour, take that long bath you have been putting off or go somewhere quiet just for a break away from the home. Could be the park or a walk to along the River.

3 – Drink lots of water – According to NHS Choices Website you should be aiming for 1.2 litres (six to eight glasses) of fluid every day to stop us getting dehydrated.  In hotter climates, the body needs more than this.

4 – Keep your hobbies going –  Don’t stop what you love – keep it up!

5– Get outside and go for a walk – With so many pleasant open spaces in the Royal Borough we really are spoilt for choice, so lace up those shoes and get moving.