Why foodbanks are so necessary

Sometimes all it takes is a can of beans to literally change someone’s life.

Our friends over at Conran Estates, have taken on a very admirable challenge this winter. Please read on and let Simon Hughes MD of Conran, explain how our lovely Greenwich community (that’s you and me) can help him!



Can you Help me, please?

This morning I was involved in a shift at the Lewisham Food Bank and was truly humbled, especially of the plight of one man trying to keep his family together.

This chap was in a desperate position. He was a very successful businessman earning close to a six-figure salary but one bit of misfortune, out of his control, meant he could no longer work!

He has three children, and his wife has to deliver papers in the morning before she teaches at her full-time job and then works in the evening – just to survive.

This man was desperate, and after speaking to the Citizens Advise Bureau, had no other option but to take two buses before, what he referred to, as his “walk of shame” into the foodbank so that he could feed his family!

This man is a real example as to why foodbanks are so necessary. I had the privilege to drive him home and learned so much about him.

An intelligent fellow with an MBA and with a winner’s attitude and always smiling, despite his sad position. He knows he will be fine and that his trips to the foodbanks are short term.

Therefore, Conran Estates are supporting foodbanks this Christmas and beyond. We are offering support from logistical help to staff resources for both Lewisham and Greenwich foodbanks, and it is a total privilege to help!

All our offices have a big collection area, and they are desperate for; tinned meat, fruit juice, tinned veg, tinned fruit, noodles, UHT milk, nappies, sanitary goods, and toiletries. Also, being Christmas, small gifts for young kids, such as colouring in books as an example.

I hope you can help me?

About Simon Hughes

Originally a wealth manager by trade, when Simon was given the opportunity to take over an ailing Conran Estates he jumped at it and turned it into the thriving business it is today. Look out for his monthly blog in Greenwichmums where he talks about all things residential.