The Scourge of Mummy Guilt

We all have our “thing” that one or even a few hang-ups or limiting beliefs that eat away at us and whisper to us with soul-crushing negative self-talk.

You’re not good enough. How can ‘you’ do that or your an idiot. Don’t eat that you’re fat already. Maybe you tell yourself you’re a bad mum, I’m not home for bedtime. I don’t spend time with my kids. I don’t feed them organic food. The list is endless and as individual as we are.

Add these to all the thousands of decisions we make daily and then add parenting, you know that job where you actually keep other human beings alive! Is it any wonder that Mummy Guilt is a sweeping epidemic putting maternal metal heath in the toilet. It likes to remind you on a pretty regular basis on how you’re failing your kids.

Whether you are a working parent or one that stays home you’ll have had the guilts at some point and heard the saying “work-life balance” well it doesn’t exist. It’s a myth. And I’m calling bullshit on it all. It implies that someone out there has it all their shit together and if you’re not achieving it and that’s another big fat failure on your part. It only serves to hit your confidence and have you pushing a big fat self destruct button regularly.

Motherhood/Parenting is tough. No question. But you’re doing the best you can. You’re not always going to be the parent you want to be. Shit is literally going to happen. Digging yourself out all the time with Mummy Guilt is not going to help you do it better the next time! And it’s not just mums, it affects dads just as much.

We are there for others time and time again but don’t even show up for ourselves!?! What’s that all about.

You’ll be a better parent tomorrow then you were today and a thousand times better in five years. It serves no one to criticise yourself in the way mummy guilt has you doing.

It’s possible to have a job and be a great parent. To be a good wife, husband or partner and regularly see your friends. Don’t get sucked into the hype or pressure around other peoples opinions and perceptions on what you should be doing and what makes a good well whatever! You only feel guilty because you think you’re not being the best at everything. But what if you are. Just ask your kid, to them your the best parent they have ever had. puts it into perspective right?

At the end of the day, carrot sticks are still carrot sticks, organic or not.

So show up today, for you first. After all, if you can’t look after yourself and be kind to yourself, how can you look after those that you love.

I’ve given my own guilts a name. I call them “Shitty Susan” and when she pops up. I tell her to go do one!

Let’s all call bullshit Mummy Guilt once and for all.