Top Tips For Selling Your Home.

Have you fallen out of love with your home? Maybe you’ve added one child too many or need to move to be within your chosen school catchment area. Perhaps you just need a change of scenery?

Whatever the reason may be, getting your home ready for sale need not be as big a headache as you think.

So what can you do to prepare your home for sale? We asked a few local Estate Agents for their expert top tips.


Patricia Irwin-Brown, Sales Manager at KFH Blackheath, suggests getting buyers to literally feel at home. “You want potential buyers to see the property as their home so it’s important to sell the dream and create a space they won’t be able to resist!” “Like turning a barren patio into an outdoor entertaining space, that would be perfect for a morning coffee or a glass of wine.”  or “What about that unused reception as a family-friendly dining space?”

“As most house-hunters start their search online, you need to make sure your photos stand out. Before having pictures taken, ensure all your rooms have as much light as possible, tidy up the soft furnishings, de-clutter any sideboards, shelves or corners and add flowers to make rooms look fresh and welcoming.”

“Remember that first impressions last so make sure the property has great kerb appeal – a fresh lick of paint and some plants go a long way.”



Kerb appeal is a big one for Hayden Ellis at Truepenny’s The first and last impression any buyer gets is the outside of your property, and simple things, like painting the front door, checking the doorbell works, cleaning and repainting windows and window frames, removing rubbish from the front garden, hiding the bins from sight, fixing the fence, and checking and repairing any cracks in the brickwork can add, as recent figures have shown over £50,000 in value to your home.



Simon Hughes at Conran Estates tells us that this is one of the biggest questions he is asked in social environments.

“The true answer is that there are many ways to boost the value of one’s home and therefore its saleability. Most profitable projects for homeowners for increasing the value of their home include installing a new boiler or central heating systems, making energy savings or home security improvements or even creating off-street parking, where possible.”

“However when it comes to increasing market value when selling, he has two golden tips. The first is to redecorate the property, including the woodwork, and at the same time declutter the entire property. Remember many viewers don’t have a vision and you need to create that vision for them!!”



Guy Epps at Winkworth Greenwich agrees, having been valuing properties for just shy of 30 years his usual response, depending on what he sees, of course, is to declutter too. Especially if it’s a family home with years of over hoarding!

“First impressions count from everything, and it never looks great if it’s like you’re in need of some serious storage. Having a good clear out before selling is always useful, as apart from giving more space to move, it will also vastly improve the quality of our marketing photos.

“Attics are invariably the best place to stick any old memorabilia or unwanted boxes, but if you live in a flat, then it’s worth looking into the cost of local storage units, which these days are relatively cheap.”

Plus … having a good clear out can be exhilarating and cleansing at the same time! Apparently!”



What about specific things for specific rooms and areas of your home though? Take a look at some further tips and tricks below for different areas of your home.



It seems very basic but first impressions do indeed count. Your front gate and gardens are the first things people see and are greeted with. Is your garden is tidy, free of rubbish and garden clutter? In the winter months make sure the paths are free of snow and ice and gritted if you can. Leave your driveway if you have one, clear for those viewing to park their cars and If your expecting viewers at night leave an outside light or hall lamp light on to welcome potential buyers in. Make sure your doorbell is working and that the front door is not sticking – could the front door do with a new coat of paint?



You want you home to shine out, so tidy up any peeling wallpaper and tired paintwork, Replace broken light bulbs and make sure your home is clean. You want your viewers to leave with the impression your home is well cared for. Are your windows are clean for instance? It is said that windows are the eyes of the home and you’ll want any potential buyers to see your house in a good light.



You’ll want to make your home as warm and bright as it can be. So open up all doors inside to avoid dark areas and landings as these areas can make a house look smaller. The same with alcoves, turn on the lights here before your visitors arrive. In summer, fresh air is necessary too, so open up the windows. In winter, make sure its nice and cosy and if you have one, light the fire to give a warm, welcoming feeling. Turn off any music and or the television too.


Kitchens & Bathroooms

Generally sell houses more than other rooms. Make sure they are tidy, squeaky clean and smell great. Fresh flowers or pot plants do wonders.



Bribe the kids to keep their rooms tidy! Unmade beds and toys all over the floors make rooms look smaller and lacking in storage which is not a good look.


Don’t Overcrowd

Overcrowding viewers is never a good move try not to have too many people home when they visit. This includes animals if you have them. Keep Dogs and Cats out of sight as your buyers could be afraid or have allergies. Buyers will want to take it all in. Make them feel welcome and answer any questions they have in an honest, straightforward way. Otherwise, give them the space to have a look on their own.


The Goodbye

Always finish your viewing by thanking your prospective buyers for coming. Offer them a second viewing and immediately let your agent know how you think it went – flagging any questions they may have asked.



Selling your home is not rocket science but it can definitely get stressful. Employ a few of these tips and tricks though along with a good clear out and you should be well on the road to getting the sale you want.