Enjoy London’s Museums At Night

Museums at Night festival sees venues all across the UK open their doors for exciting evening events and spectacular night-time displays.

Museums at Night


You get to see and experience our beautiful museums and galleries in a very different way with specialist talks, unusual events and one-off exhibitions.along with some very random things indeed.

With Greenwich teaming with local Museums either in our Borough or close by. Be rude not to pop along!

The festival will take place from 25-27 October 2018. Opening hours will be extended with venues both big and some small joining the night time celebrations.

The festivals sister will return next year – 15th – 18th May 2019.

So whos taking part

Royal Museums Greenwich – Celebrate astrophotography in an exciting late at the National Maritime Museum, featuring astrophotographers and judges of Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year. The event will also feature a live link up to the new Annie Maunder Astrographic Telescope (AMAT) to explore the science behind capturing starlight.

Museum of London – Join us for a free evening of performances, live art, music, talks, and sideways opportunities to explore the capital after dark. The Night London Council, a fictional body representing those who live and work between sunset and sunrise, will introduce you denizens of the daytime to your nocturnal city. There will also be free entry to the London Nights exhibition all evening.

Museum of London Docklands – Ever wondered what happens in our museum once the doors close for the night?
Find out the terrifying truth as you trick-or-treat your way around the galleries after dark, and solve a spooky crime by torchlight with the help of a mysterious character.

Charles Dickens Museum – Experience just what it was like to be in a Victorian home after dark as you delve into the hidden mysteries of the future with the help of our fortune teller for the evening who will read the cards and tell you your fortune. As you work your way through all five floors, listen out for acclaimed actor and performer Dominic Gerrard performing extracts cut from many a frightening tale from The Signalman, The Monkey’s Paw and The Ghost in the Bride’s Chamber to much much more.

London Transport Museum – Continuing our celebration of women designers through time, we turn our focus to the Eighties, a decade of contrasts that shaped contemporary society. Revealing its passionate protests, underground, and pop-culture, in our series of talks, tours and workshops. Relive the nostalgia and power-up your competitive side at our retro arcade.

Chocolate Museum – CHOCO-TALE: An evening of chocolate games. Join us for an evening of chocolate games at the Chocolate Museum including chocolate board games, eating the pieces you win, and playing our augmented reality game Choco-Tale, an interactive chocolate trail, following the history of the cacao bean from the Mayans all the way to current day chocolateering.

London Canal Museum – Halloween Experience with storytelling in the museum by our witch whose spine-chilling tales will make your flesh creep, decorations, and a trip through the three-quarter-mile-long Islington Tunnel on a decorated narrowboat in the dark! Every year this event is a hit with families. Why not dress up for the occasion?

Museums at Night  Museums at Night  Museums at Night  Museums at Night