Lost Socks Day

Socks. We like to believe there is a secret place in the universe where our missing socks run wild and free.  No longer bonded by their partners, they are able to enjoy the good life of finally being single.  This secret world has a magical portal in our dryers and under our children’s beds.  Sometimes they come back, showing up surprisingly one day but most have yet to return.

It seems like a fruitless effort to try to keep our socks happily married to one another.  There just comes a time when we must just give up, send the remaining still single socks in your possession off to a better world and start again.  But instead of committing them to live in a landfill, there are great other uses for your single socks.  Here are some fun and creative ideas to bring new life into your broken-hearted single socks that are still standing.

Arm Warmers – Take two lonely socks and make them a pair again. Trim off the foot section and lightly stitch around the cut end to stop and lose any threads then add buttons, ribbons or whatever you fancy. Then wear with pride, just like Madonna.

Bean Bag Paperweights. Grab your sock and cut of the foot leaving a tube section. Stich one open side, filling the sock with a sandwich bag full of sand or flour and stitch the remaining opening closed.

DIY Dog Chew – This one works well with knee-high or sports socks. Just add a tennis ball to the sock then tie knots with the remaining lengths. Keeps Fido happy and can be thrown in the washing machine if it gets smelly.

Golf Club Protection – Perfect Fathers Day gift to make personalised club protection using socks. Turn inside out and add a thin foam insert with fabric glue for extra soft cushion comfort!

Cup Warmers – My own personal favourite, just take the directions for the arm warmers above, then pull over your mug making a slit for the handle. Decorate to your hearts content!