July: Your Garden

davesflowersAnother month has gone past and the longest day is done, the sun is shining and June was great for the weather. Plus the wildlife I have seen in and around my clients and my own garden has been very cool indeed.

I’m always amazed by the diversity of wildlife that can be found in any garden. Here are a few shots of some of the things I have spotted in my own.

The common Heath Lizard – warming up in my cold frame/mini greenhouse. Super pleased to see it. The last time I saw one in the garden was about 12 years ago and my resident common frog taking some time out. This is a beautiful banded Damselfly I snapped dancing around the pond. Appearing to have a stand off with a hover fly on the right.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 14.22.04

So I thought when you next venture out with the kids into your garden take phone or camera and have some educational fun and look for cool things to snap. If you would like to, email the snap in. I would welcome your garden pictures, I’t may even end up in the blog.

So go outside and capture some cool wildlife pictures and be amazed at what you have in your own back yard! Plus there shouldn’t be an awful lot to do in the garden except enjoy it at this time of year. Go out, on a warm sunny day with the kids, paper, chalks or paints and create some nature art drawings or paint some old pots in need of some jazzing up.


you could also throw a barbecue or have a garden party. It doesn’t matter what, as long as you and your family are outside and enjoying the garden you have, or are creating – I say creating because a garden is never truly finished. It only evolves and continues to change with time.

redsunflowerI Thought I would show my son my sunflower as he was out in the garden on one of his rare trips. My expectations of having a conversation about it were slim to be honest. But to my surprise he did show some interest, until someone made his phone scream and… that was that. There’s is hope though. I think.

As you can see the red sunflower in question. Growing quite happily lapping up the sun. I hope this year you got the kids to grow one.

Ferns are one of my fav plants to have in a garden. Next time I will explain how and why they belong in the garden.


daveDave, from Garden Design Services has been madly keen on gardening for as long as he can remember. He decided to start a business in landscaping at the request of friends and family who quite simply said “I was mad not too” “The garden is a most valuable space, and I feel it is quite important to have a space that you can thoroughly relax in and enjoy”. If you need help in enjoying your garden then give Dave a call on 01322 559 660 or 07780 461 148


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