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National Maritime Museum

Against Captain's Orders

Against Captain’s Orders!

National Maritime Museum and Punchdrunk Enrichment present a groundbreaking new show for 6-12 year olds, taking families on the adventure of a lifetime through the museum’s incredible wealth of maritime history and artefacts.

“Prepare to explore. You are the crew of HMS Adventure. Together we will set sail into the uncharted.”
Glan, Museum Curator

Get ready to experience history like never before as you and your family join the crew of HMS Adventure. Meet our fearless curators, don a lifejacket, and step into the heart of the action. Anyone brave enough to get on board will scarcely believe what will happen next.

With so much history secured in one museum, so many doorways to other times and other worlds, Against Captain’s Orders promises to be exciting, enlightening, and perhaps a tiny bit dangerous…

Cost: £19.75. Members save 20%

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