Do I need a Will? by Laura Bailey

For the majority of people, the answer is yes.

When someone dies without a Will, it can have all sorts of consequences. Importantly, it means that your estate will be distributed according to the intestacy rules. These rules specify who benefits from your estate, which could be very different from what your wishes would have been, had you prepared a Will.


A Will can specifically provide for who you would like to benefit from your estate and can also ensure your loved ones are looked after, which is particularly important if you have children under the age of 18.

Having a Will also means that whoever ends up dealing with your estate will be aware of who you would like to act as guardians for your children. At Grant Saw, we always advise that clients with minor children declare their wishes regarding guardianship in their Wills, so there can be no doubt about who they would want to care for their children should the worst happen.

Having a Will prepared by a professional also means that you can receive advice about Inheritance Tax and ensure that your Will is as tax efficient as possible.

At Grant Saw, we are dedicated to preparing bespoke Wills for our clients which cater for their particular needs. One of our legal professionals would be available to meet with you in person to discuss your requirements and prepare a Will which suits your wishes.

If you are interested in making a Will, please contact Laura Bailey, who is a solicitor in our Wills and Probate Department via email here or by calling 020 8858 6971.


About Laura Bailey

Laura is a solicitor in the Wills and Probate department at Grant Saw Solicitors LLP. She joined Grant Saw in 2015, having previously practised at a number of firms in Kent.

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