Home Front

A series of articles concentrating on the home.

It’s maintenance Jim, but not as you know it!

One of the biggest complaints in my industry is over the maintenance administration and handling of someone's investment property. Recently there have been numerous cases in the national press whereby some estate agents have dealt with an issue and … [Read more...]

Do I need a Will? by Laura Bailey

For the majority of people, the answer is yes. When someone dies without a Will, it can have all sorts of consequences. Importantly, it means that your estate will be distributed according to the intestacy rules. These rules specify who benefits from … [Read more...]

Little Agency Secrets (Part one) by Simon Hughes

Did you know that an estate agent is not paid simply to sell your home. Can you believe that? Seriously, many people think that all estate agents do is ‘chuck’ the property on Rightmove (or similar portals) and wait for the phone to ring off the hook … [Read more...]

Helping children to be safe online

ICT and technology is an integral part of our lives. No matter how old we are we find ourselves surrounded by technology at home, at work and in our local environment. Accessing the internet and going online can be a fantastic activity for children and … [Read more...]

Making Money and Meeting Students – Being a Homestay Host

Just the other day, I said goodbye to two young people who’d being staying in my house for the last 4 weeks. They were foreign students and I was their “host” – only it didn’t feel as official as that sounds – more like having a friend’s kids to stay … [Read more...]

Shared Ownership Week 2015

As anyone who lives in London knows, the housing market seems like it has reached breaking point. More and more people are moving to our amazing capital and in need of quality homes. In turn increasing property values. It is often described as a crisis … [Read more...]

Six ways to get the best mortgage rates

As I have mentioned previously, pre-2007 anyone could get a mortgage in some shape or form. You could get Self-Certification mortgages where you didn’t have to prove income and Sub-Prime where you could have had a bad credit history and still secure a … [Read more...]

UH, OH what about Daddy?

We were busy on Mother’s Day with a café full of three generations but Dads you’re a lucky lot, with almost 2 weeks still to go until June 21st the mums are beating you hands down on the thoughtfulness stakes… Baby in the family? With just under 2 … [Read more...]

Escape to the National Parks in London!

Join me if you will and take a second to close your eyes and picture one of the UK’s national parks. Perhaps your mind took you to the mountains and lakes of the Lake District, or to the dramatic landscapes of Dartmoor. But, how about the city we … [Read more...]

12 Things You Must Know as a Landlord!

As Managing Director of Conran Estates I see lots of interesting things happen in the property market. I find landlords especially interesting. We are trusted to manage hundreds of property on behalf of landlords, some of which have one property and … [Read more...]

Is home where the heart is?

When does a house start feeling like a home? Property developers L&Q conducted a survey of 2,000 Brits exploring what makes a house feel like a home. Owning their own property was high on the agenda with 4 out of 10 renters not seeing the place they … [Read more...]

Do we need to bother with a solicitor?

If your marriage has broken down and you have both agreed on divorce and how to sort out the finances - you may be asking yourselves - do we need to bother with a solicitor? Here is my answer. It is understandable why some people want to finalise a … [Read more...]

Stamp Duty – What it Really Means to You

Stamp Duty........ aka another dreaded tax which has absolutely no benefit to you and after all the tax you pay on income and the various other stealth taxes it is ultimately considered a ‘hurt’ tax to most! But it has all changed - from midnight on … [Read more...]

5 Top Tips for a Hassle Free kids haircut!

Ego Hair & Beauty was established in 1999, since that time hair trends have certainly come and gone, however for some parents one thing seem to remain a constant dilemma ... kids haircuts. Or as we prefer, young people's haircut! Simply put, here at … [Read more...]

The Pocket Money Conundrum

Pocket Money is a great way to help children understand the concept of money and budgeting. That’s the theory, but all too often kids spend the pocket money given to them by their parents and then start asking for a supplement. Which is where we as … [Read more...]

August: Your Garden

More and more I hear the term urban greening. Not totally new to me, but I thought I would give it a mention as it is an important factor in today's busy and crowded cities. The term ‘urban greening’ simply means growing plants wherever possible in … [Read more...]

Think you can get a mortgage?

Since the financial crisis mortgages have become a lot tougher to get through, but in the last six months they have become much easier to secure but on 26th April there is a big change as the mortgage market review (MMR for short) comes into … [Read more...]

Facts: Help to Buy Scheme

Following the recent Conservative Conference the Help-to-Buy scheme has been brought forward from January to immediate effect.   The principle idea is that it would help first-time buyers (especially those who are not fortunate enough to have the … [Read more...]

What it takes to work at Conran Estates

In this edition of Home Front, Simon Hughes explains what it takes to work at Conran Estates. Debunking many a myth of what-your-typical estate agent is all about, this is definitely worth a read!   There is a widely held public conception that … [Read more...]

The Value of “For Sale” and “Sold”

Understanding the value of your home is very difficult. More so at this point in time as we are experiencing some serious price increases.   On a very recent open day, on a nice property in Greenwich, we received many offers and had to go to … [Read more...]