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A series of articles covering issues with your health.

3 Reasons Mum Should Have A Hobby

Do you have a hobby? Mums these days are so very busy, and that's not to say that our mums and grandmothers were not so hard working. On the contrary, mums today, we've never had it so easy have we? Could you imagine dealing with three kids, norovirus and … [Read more...]

What you need to know about Scarlet Fever.

Scarlet Fever is much less common than it used to be but in recent years there have been a number of significant outbreaks and it appears we could be in for a re-run. Figures published by Public Health England  Published in May 2017  showed a total of … [Read more...]

When your pet dies and you have children.

Losing a pet is often the very first experience of grief our children have. Whether your pet is a fish, hamster cat or dog, it makes no difference the feelings are still the same. In the last two years, this has been very real for us too. We've lost our … [Read more...]

Free Mini Tennis for Greenwich Kids

Free mini tennis lessons for 6-11 year olds at Eltham Park South, Plumstead Common, and Kidbrooke Green If you're looking for a great activity for your kids, look no further! Tennis for Kids is a summer long FREE introductory tennis course packed full … [Read more...]

Boost Brainpower with Sudoku!

The Sudoku bug has infected vast numbers of people here in the UK. So why has such a simple logic little puzzle become so popular and how can you and your kids benefit? Well, first published in the States in the 70's and sometimes known as "Number … [Read more...]

Boo-boo-be-doo! How’s that for a Hollywood smile!

Blackheath Village’s Sparklysmile has been making all the right noises when it comes to tooth whitening for the last 15 years. Today, their safe and successful whitening programme is up there with Beverly Hill’s best. Fact is, the feel good factor … [Read more...]

Top 5 Last Minute Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

Good news: it’s Christmas on Sunday! Bad news: if you’ve got any pressies left to get you’ve got a matter of days left to sort them, less if you factor in the pesky postal strike! And while health and fitness might not be top of the agenda right … [Read more...]

The C Word

It’s ok to talk about it now - Bonfire Night and Halloween are out the way, the decorations are up in the shops and we’ve all been introduced to Buster the amazing trampolining dog. Yet as parents, the festive season brings with it a unique set of … [Read more...]

Health visiting in Greenwich has changed

From the beginning of September, health visiting in Greenwich changed and now works in partnership with the five Greenwich Children’s Centre areas. These areas cover the whole of the Borough and are broken down into East, West, South, Teweson and … [Read more...]

Managing Challenging Behaviour in Young Children

Parenting a child with challenging behaviour can be tough, but there are some things you can try to support them and create a happier atmosphere at home. It’s important to let your child know that you love them, even if you don’t always like the … [Read more...]

Why you won’t lose weight running but 3 things you can do to feel better!

I know. You won't lose weight running. Odd statement coming from me. But sadly, very true. Recently I had a Transformation Session with a lovely lady called Heidi, who has been trying to lose weight for years. Things finally came to a head for … [Read more...]

It’s official, the pregnancy waddle does exist!

The Pregnancy Waddle - as much as we hate to admit it - we all did it, and now scientists have finally confirmed its existence. When I was expecting the twins I moved like an aircraft carrier never mind a waddle. According to a team from Japan, a … [Read more...]

How Parent Gym has helped 4000 families flourish

The Parent Gym ethos is simple. Support parents to develop the skills and confidence to help their families flourish. Since it was set up in 2010, Parent Gym has helped more than 4000 parents. This number includes those from the 10 schools and … [Read more...]

Dump Dieting; Start Living by Helen Hendry

I wonder how long your New Year’s resolutions lasted this year. If you’ve got willpower of steel, you might just about still be going with them. But according to a GovPoll New Year’s resolutions survey in 2015, 35% of respondents wanted to lose weight, … [Read more...]

Surviving the festive period by Helen Hendry

The countdown to Christmas Day begins! The kids have broken up from school, the Christmas cake is well boozed and the goose is getting fat. Last minute shopping to do, and then time to relax, enjoy and be merry? In theory, yes. But if you’re a … [Read more...]

A Surprising Trick To Ease Ear Infection Pain by Ian Male

Have Your Little Ones Got An Ear Infection? Make Them A Magical Onion Hat! First off I suppose I should introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me. My name is Ian Male, I’m the owner and Head Trainer of Greenwich Training, a local health and … [Read more...]

Developing a healthy relationship with food and your body

I often talk about working with people to help them develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. But what does this even mean? I wish I could give you a dictionary definition answer, but I’m still cultivating my own as we speak. So … [Read more...]

Autumn resolutions

September is upon us and there’s a certain freshness in the early morning air that reminds us that autumn is on its way. The kids have gone back to school and the leaves are beginning to change their colour to a rusty red, marking new beginnings for … [Read more...]

Pressure vs Pleasure.

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the pressure we all too often put ourselves under to better ourselves. Whether it be to lose weight, get fit, give up drinking, stop smoking, save money or [insert your own example here] ... too many of us put so … [Read more...]

The truth about fat

What does the word fat mean to you? How does it make you feel when you hear it or use it? There are so many ways in which this word can be used, but for many people, this tiny three letter word often leaves us feeling negative and plays a huge role in … [Read more...]