Health & Wellbeing

A series of articles covering issues with your health.

Beat Eating Disorders

It's Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and it's time to get loud! Beat is fighting to bridge the gap between people with eating disorders and the medical care they need. With only 2 hours of training on eating disorders included in the average GP's entire … [Read more...]

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

This January, Over six days, 23-29 2023, is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, and we’re supporting Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to raise awareness of cervical cancer and how one day we can make it a thing of the past! The HPV vaccination and cervical … [Read more...]

January Blues

January. The most depressing month of the year. Just ask all those with January birthdays. Friends are always doing Dry Jan or intense detoxes and have spent all their money on unnecessary Secret Santa gifts. (sorry, kids) The weather is … [Read more...]

Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day, celebrated annually on 20th November. Universal Children’s Day aims to improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children’s rights and promote togetherness and awareness amongst all children. Initially … [Read more...]

Let’s get down to the Nitty Gritty

Ahh, the Nitty Gritty, bugs, nits, lice, fleas. Words that will strike fear into the hearts of many a parent! It's a horrible sinking feeling knowing that your child has brought home little friends and an all-consuming process to check repeatedly and … [Read more...]

September Baby Safety Month

September is Baby Safety Month and a great opportunity for you to make sure your little one is surrounded by the safest products you can find. Baby Safety Month is sponsored by Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA). Their goal is to make sure … [Read more...]

Start A September Do Over

January isn’t the only time to feel like you can get a fresh start. September is just as good of a month to begin again, even if you haven’t attended school for years now. The start of the school year gives the feel that you can try harder, be a bit … [Read more...]

World Oceans Day 2022

Our ocean is vital to the future of our planet. Take a deep dive beneath the waves with the National Maritime Museum this June. Focusing on the importance of collective action for ocean revitalisation you can take part in a range of exciting … [Read more...]

What is Birth Without Fear

During this time of uncertainty, it is crucial to have coping and handling mechanisms at your disposal for giving birth. The trusted and robustly evaluated Swedish Birth Without Fear Method, is now finally available in the UK … [Read more...]

It’s Walk to School Week!

It’s national walk to school week here in the UK.  A great way to promote the importance of walking to school, as well as highlight the need to incorporate regular physical activity in their everyday lives.  But there are so many other … [Read more...]

25 Exercise Games

So maybe the novelty and enthusiasm of Joe Wicks's morning PE sessions is waning a bit. Getting them off the sofa or their beds is becoming a chore? Then tempt them into action with these 25 physical games that will get the blood … [Read more...]

Catch it, Bin it, Kill it

As a parent of three kids, I'm continually washing my hands and theirs. Pulling fingers out nostrils, out of pants. Away from dogs on the street (only to protect your pup, not mine) and digging out lots of mud from under 30 fingernails.  Now, I'm … [Read more...]

First Ever State Boarding School Opens

The first-ever state boarding school for children as young as four will open this September in a bid to cater to working families who have been priced out of the independent education.  Wymondham College Prep School will charge £11,000 a year … [Read more...]

Silvertown Tunnel Gets Go-Ahead

Yesterday Transport for London confirmed that the Riverlinx consortium had been appointed to design, build, finance and maintain the new Silvertown Tunnel. Signing the 1 Billion pound contract with the firm. This twin-bore road tunnel under the Thames in … [Read more...]

Teen Self Esteem

Growing up as a teen in today’s world is difficult.  While they have more access to things we never could even dream of, sometimes this easy access can come with quite the burden to bare.  Did you know that 20% of teens will experience … [Read more...]

The Scourge of Mummy Guilt

Life is tough. We all have our "thing" that one or even a few hang-ups or limiting beliefs that eat away at us and whisper to us with soul-crushing negative self-talk. You are not good enough; how can you do that? You're an idiot, don't eat that … [Read more...]

Our Top 5 Best Hotels for Sex

Sex, when you're a parent, can be a bit tricky. It's fairly typical to discover that when one of you is raring to go, the other wants bed socks and a cup of tea. Finding the right time and opportunity... well, let's just say sometimes you have to get … [Read more...]

Check into Club Duvet

The Festival of Sleep Day is for people, i.e. parents like you and me or anyone really who would like to get some “shut eye” and relaxation after the Christmas holidays. With all the craziness of Christmas shopping, presents, kitchen mayhem and the New … [Read more...]

Greenwich White Ribbon Day 2018

White Ribbon UK was founded in 2005. The Mission: To end male violence against women, once and for all. If you are being abused seeking help can be hard. You may feel there's nowhere to turn or that no-one will take you seriously. There is help … [Read more...]

Celebrate Positive Thinking

Everyone needs a bit of positive thinking in their lives. Being mindful is part of our overall health. When we have positivity in our life, it carries over to many other aspects and areas. Yes, even as a stressed-out parent like you and I can achieve … [Read more...]