The 5 ways to beat Blue Monday!

According to a canny PR company and Sky Travel, 21st January is the day when the world gets depressed.

Using some pseudoscientific formula to calculate the day based on the weather, debt, time since Christmas and when our New Years resolutions fail, they came up with this date and called it Blue Monday!

Blue Monday

Although there is no successful way to calculate an exact date of when the world gets depressed, there have been studies that show January can be a hard month for many of us. Whether we are coming down from a holiday high, battling the cold, long winter nights or have already given up on our New Year’s resolution, it is important to remind ourselves that we need to take an active role in beating our winter blues.

Here is a list of tips on how you and your family can stay upbeat and avoid Blue Mondays during these next few months.

  1. Exercise

    Yes, we may have totally sucked at keeping this New Year’s resolution but there is nothing in the rulebook that states that you can’t try again. If not for your own personal health but to beat those winter blues. This is a great way to get rid of the stresses of your life and when you exercise you release those good feeling hormones called endorphins. One simple, free way is walking. In Greenwich, we have our wonderful park and ample amounts of green spaces and the longest river frontage of any London Borough. If you want a new and exciting challenge try trampoline classes at the new Oxygen Freejumping at the 02

  2. Treat Yourself

    Having something to keep you motivated and give yourself something to look forward to helps beat those winter blues. Plan a special day or evening out with friends, a weekend trip or your summer holiday. Even an afternoon alone can work wonders! (MumsCard has some great treat retailers!)

  3. If you can’t beat winter – join it

    Winter can suck but it can also be totally awesome. With super fun activities like ice skating, skiing and sledging which are entertaining ways to enjoy the winter. Grab the family and make it a fun day out. If the sun is shining brightly even better! Catching up on some Vitamin D helps improve your mood as well. It is time to embrace the winter and just ‘let it go’. Like the Frozen reference? (for “What’s On” inspiration take a look at or guide here)

  4. Sleep in a bit

    During the winter, nights are longer and your body will naturally want to get those extra Zzs in. I know mine does! If that’s an impossibility, try getting to bed a bit earlier. This will help you feel refreshed and more focused. Just try not to sleep over 12 hours. As this can do more harm than good. Remember that you can always take power naps (10-30 minutes) which may be just what you need to re-energise during the day. Take a look at our Club Duvet post on how to engineer a great nap

  5. Broke your Resolutions already?

    Well try and try again. Studies have shown that people who stick to their resolutions (more exercising, quit smoking, etc.) had less depressed days than those who have less than healthy behaviours. A great way to keep your resolutions is to do them with a friend. Not only will they be there for encouragement but they can be your motivation to keep at it. They will help you hold yourself accountable.

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