“Clean Your Plate” Is Not Always The Way To Go For Healthy Kids

Like most parents, we want our children to be healthy and active, and we all know that children look to their parents to guide them and show them the way. However, not everything we learnt from our parents is what experts would consider being most … [Read more...]

PND and me

Today I'm going to tell you a story. My story, of Post Natal Depression and how after nearly ten months its finally sinking in that things are not OK.  How an argument, with my child over clothing and an art class, plus reading an article, has finally … [Read more...]

This is not a test. Christmas is coming…

Although Christmas is still a few weeks away, now is actually the perfect time to sit down and start planning what needs doing and when. No matter if you’re entertaining for 4 or 44, right now you can write up menus and meal plans, get your kitchen … [Read more...]

Lamb One Pot Wonder

This Greenwichmums Lamb One Pot Wonder is a little lighter than most hotspots and a perfect pick-me-up on a cold autumn day. It takes around an hour and a half and makes a great dinner option! We rejigged a Nigel Slater recipe to suit our own taste and … [Read more...]

When your pet dies and you have children.

Losing a pet is often the very first experience of grief our children have. Whether your pet is a fish, hamster cat or dog, it makes no difference the feelings are still the same. In the last two years, this has been very real for us too. We've lost our … [Read more...]

Hummy Mummies

Hummy Mummies is the modern, daytime choir for mums and carers of young children. With several groups across SE London, Hummy Mummies gives mums the chance to do something for themselves, where their baby or toddler is a welcome guest. Mums can let their … [Read more...]

5 Local Nights Out With The Family

Taking your family out for an evening or afternoon of fun can be exciting and something all parents want to do as often as they can. But, going out costs money and more often than not, costs more than your average family can afford. So, consider these … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about breasts

Boobs, jugs, melons, hooters, pillows, gazongas, knockers, fun bags, honkers, baps. lung protectors, beach umbrellas, traffic stoppers! We all have them. Some small enough to fit in a champagne glass and some that need what a friend affectionately calls, … [Read more...]

Free Mini Tennis for Greenwich Kids

Free mini tennis lessons for 6-11 year olds at Eltham Park South, Plumstead Common, and Kidbrooke Green If you're looking for a great activity for your kids, look no further! Tennis for Kids is a summer long FREE introductory tennis course packed full … [Read more...]

What can we do about Cyberbullying?

Since the dawn of time, there have been bullies. People whose sole purpose in life is to hurt and humiliate others. But the Internet has opened us up to a whole new realm of bullying. Cyber bullies are children or adults who harass others online. Gone … [Read more...]

Boost Brainpower with Sudoku!

The Sudoku bug has infected vast numbers of people here in the UK. So why has such a simple logic little puzzle become so popular and how can you and your kids benefit? Well, first published in the States in the 70's and sometimes known as "Number … [Read more...]

Nuu Addition for your New Addition

At Greenwichmums we don't do many reviews, and that's because not because we don't get asked. In fact, we must get at least 30 requests a week. You see we only champion and get behind those businesses that we love and when Nuu Addition contacted us right … [Read more...]

Staying sane as a Work At Home Parent

I have a confession; I'm mostly a sane work at home parent. I believe that there are a lot of women and men out there like me clutching onto their sanity while juggling family, daily work requirements, rugby practice, ballet, school meetings, and all the … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Save Money on the Family Shop

Save Money on the Family Shop The average family's shopping bill is usually one of the higher numbers on family budget sheets. There can also be an enormous difference in what each family spends on their shopping, depending on factors, such as the size … [Read more...]

Get the Kids Outdoors This Summer

Summer is time for outdoor fun with the kids. However, sometimes the days are long, and your ideas are short. Here are some thoughts and helpful shopping links to help you make sure your little ones are busy bees getting lots of fresh air this … [Read more...]

5 Steps to a Calm Monday Morning

It's Monday (again). You look at the kitchen clock and swallow down a cup of tea, attempting to put on your clothes realising that you have 5 minutes to get you and your six-year-old dressed and out the door. You need a Calm Monday Morning. Sound … [Read more...]

7 signs you are a Jedi Parent

Every mother and father is a tough cookie in their way. Whether navigating day to day parenting, school runs and small babies. Or doing their best to keep and not lose their sanity. But how many of you knew you were a Jedi parent? So a long time ago in a … [Read more...]

Health visiting in Greenwich has changed

From the beginning of September, health visiting in Greenwich changed and now works in partnership with the five Greenwich Children’s Centre areas. These areas cover the whole of the Borough and are broken down into East, West, South, Teweson and … [Read more...]

Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine

For over a year now the nasal spray flu vaccine has been available for all children aged two, three and four years old as part of the NHS childhood vaccination programme. In 2013, in some parts of the country, primary and secondary school-aged children … [Read more...]

25 adventures to end the Summer!

Apart from the odd day here and there, the weather hasn’t let us down so far for this six-week holiday which is perfect if you're looking for adventures to end the summer and keep your children entertained. Usually, though, being a British Summer the … [Read more...]