20 Science Experiments

These 20 little science experiments for kids are easy peasy and so much fun. It’s surprising how you can create some really mind-blowing and hands-on demonstrations. Using things you probably have just lying around the house!

Science Experiments

Have fun.

Learn all about crystallization by growing rock sweets in a glass

Grow your own mould! By putting bread slices in different environments and then see which one gets mouldy first.

Make homemade ice cream in a bag with only three ingredients

Build different protective covers for an egg then test out what you think is your best design by dropping it from a height.

Want a silly putty? Use cornstarch and washing up liquid and see what you can come up with

Make butter by shaking a jar of heavy whipping cream. How long does it take?

Mix Diet Coke/Coke and Mentos and really stand back to watch the explosion.

Want to magic an egg into a bottle – then create suction using heat.

Does it float, or does it sink? Let’s find out by adding an egg and salt to the water.

Add some good old vegetable oil into some water. You’ll see that neither mix; try it with a variety of liquids to make different stripes and patterns.

Thinking about plastics? Then why not turn milk into a material that acts a bit like plastic using only white vinegar.

Use lemon or lime juice to make secret invisible ink that can only be seen when held up to a heat source by another spy.

Make up some bread dough and get each child to separate it into different bowls. Then place them in different places. Which place does the yeast-like best?

Drop Fizz Wiz into a bottle of fizzy drink and then place a balloon on top of the opening and watch it inflate.

Make some cheese with this Kitchen science.

The senses test – works perfectly with cinnamon. Close their eyes and pinch their noses can you still taste the spice? Try with other foods.

Make your own butter by shaking an old jam jar full of heavy whipping cream. How long does it take?

Dissolve the shell off an egg by popping it in a mug of vinegar.

Map out your taste buds using your fingertip dipped into various flavours and touching your tongue.

Try Oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid that’s a solid and a liquid depending on your conditions.